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At Noah’s Ark, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care.


Our Mission

The mission of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church includes assisting parents in the development of their children. Noah’s Ark offers young children a Christian setting in which to grow, learn and develop physically, spiritually, intellectually, and socially. Children do not need to be Christian or Lutheran to attend our school.

The objectives of Noah’s Ark include:

  • To encourage the development of the whole child in ways that enable children to be more mature people and to feel secure in the love of God.

  • To teach simple Christian truths related to the child’s experiences and level of development.

  • To encourage the child in self-confidence, concern for others, cooperation in work and play, and a spirit of sharing.

  • To increase the child’s skills in listening, self-discipline, conversation, creative self-expression, and independent work and play.

  • To provide children with a nurturing environment filled with caring and supportive staff.

  • To help parents learn skills that promote the growth and development of their children.


Noah’s Ark admits students of any race, color, and National or ethnic origin.

Our Vision

Noah’s Ark's primary focus is to serve the children and families of the Dubuque community through early childhood development and education in a Christian setting.


At Noah’s Ark, we strive to ensure that all our children feel loved, respected, and supported so that they can grow and learn to their fullest potential.


We keep our caregiver-to-child ratios low so that children can receive individual attention when necessary and also feel the freedom to interact with their peers in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our staff members are each highly trained educators and caregivers and thrive on engaging with the children in their care in meaningful, fun and interactive ways.


They offer feedback and updates to parents and guardians throughout the day and on an ongoing basis so that families are included in their child’s care and education.


Most importantly, the Noah’s Ark staff is committed to developing relationships with the children and families that are based on trust and openness so that everyone feels confident that the level of care and education their child receives is the best it can be.


Our Programs

Noah’s Ark programs for children start at 12 weeks of age until they are ready for Kindergarten!

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